Roadside Romeo ft. Zaful

These past few months have been really busy and scheduling time to shoot has been a struggle, but this girl has pulled it off. Today’s look is going to be a super casual, everyday teen girl kinda look.

The hot trend right now is showing some shoulder! I know some people dread cold shoulder tops, but this one  guys is different. It is a cold shoulder top, but I promise you it does not look like somebody has cut two holes into your shirt. This top is a baby pink, loose cold shoulder top and it look adorable whether worn in jeans or leggings.

The combination of the baby pink and black makes my love for this top stronger. The texture of it is great as well. It will not stretch, rip or cause major creases. I got this from Zaful and they are an absolutely amazing brand for ladies from all ages. If you like this outfit please checkout the Zaful banner in the right hand bar and I assure you they will not disappoint.

For this outfit to pop I paired it up with a sling bag that matches my shoes and some rings!


Top: Zaful; Leggings:Lululemon; Handbag: Winners; Rings: Forever21

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Real Techniques Review


Hey guys welcome back to another post and today we’re going to be talking about the secret behind all those pretty Instagram makeup artists. There is one thing that makeup can not be done without and no girl can live without and that thing is MAKEUP BRUSHES! I, myself, do not know how I would contain myself if I were ever to lose all my makeup brushes and had to do all my makeup the old fashion way (with my fingers!).

Makeup brushes can be very pricey, but there are amazing affordable brushes out there as well. For example, one of my favorite brush companies would have to be Real Techniques. I love this company for two reasons: they do not make their brushes out of animal hair and their brushes are high quality.

This company has a variety of brushes and brush sets, but the set I’m going to review is the Core Collection. I use these brushes day in and day out and absolutely swear by them! For a person just beginning to do makeup, these brushes will be the best option for them. They are super soft, easy to blend with, and they are super easy to clean! They also come in a panoramic case (I lost mine!) which keeps the brushes organized and makes travelling with the brushes easier.

The best thing Real Techniques has come up with is their Miracle Complexion Sponge! These is an by far the best drugstore beauty sponge I have come across. It blends out foundations and concealer so smoothly, giving it a natural finish. I have no more words for this product, dampen this sponge and apply your foundation and see the miracle yourself!

  1. Buffing Brush: these brush is amazing for applying powders when setting your foundation.img_6862_viewimg_6856_view
  2. Pointed Foundation Brush: this brush is great for applying liquid foundation and works great in building up coverage. However, I use mine as a highlighter applicator and it works great!img_6857_view
  3. Detailer Brush: this brush is ideal to cover up any problem areas with concealer or fix small details around the eyes.img_6860_view
  4. Contour Brush: this is the brush I use the most! I use it to set my under eyes, apply blush, and also contour my face.img_6855_view
  5. Mircale complexion sponge: blends makeup for a smooth, enhanced finish.img_6878_viewimg_6851_view

Blue Zebra ft. Rosegal


Hey guys sorry for being so absent on blogging, but I will get back to it at soon as possible! Anyways, so today I have collaborated with Rosegal in this outfit. Everything present in this look is from Rosegal.

This outfit consists of a striped blue jumpsuit, fitted with a belt and then finished off with some basic black heels! I love love love this outfit because it can be worn as a formal wear, but can also be jazzed up to fit a casual evening wear.

This is something I would usually not consider wearing because it is out of my comfort level. However, sporting something new and out of comfort level feels great and I advise you guys to try something once that is out of your norm!


Season of White

Snow has been tumbling down like crazy here! Whether you look left,right or do a whole 360 degrees turn you will see snow. Where there is snow, you can also expect to be some chilly weathers and chilly weathers call for some swell winter outfits. It is more than important to keep your self warm and cozy, but with a style.

There’s been cozy sweaters popping around in everyone’s closets and I have a few myself, but is winter only about cozy sweaters? No! In this post I have paired a white cargo jacket with a simple tee and leggings and then some gray boots! All the colours in this outfit are different, but they match perfectly because in the winter any cool tones will do the trick if paired together.


Jacket and Top: Aeropostale; Leggings: Lululemon; Shoes: Spotpop

Sheets of Satin

Heya again! It’s been damn cold in Canada this year and I am that crazy girl who will take pictures out in the cold whether its -30 degrees or 30 degrees. I’ve been somewhat loving the cold weather because I get to experiment and try on different outfits made for the cooler time of the year.

So this time I’ve paired a beautiful red, satin bomber jacket with just some high waisted dark blue jeans and then the staple of every girl’s closet: brown lace up boots! This outfit was not planned. I just threw on a pair of jeans and some winter boots and then decided on a jacket that would keep me warm, but look good as well.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this outfit and what other jacket-jeans ideas would you try?


All Bundled Up

November in Canada felt the same as the warm summer breeze that would occur in the summer. However, as soon as December hit the snow started making its way down making everybody frown. I love the winter time, it means time for cozy sweaters and cute toques! The comfort of sporting an over sized knitted sweater when its below -20C  is like nothing else.

I have been trying to create some easy, simple, and cute winter outfits for you guys and this is one of the first ones! It is a simple over sized gray/black knitted sweater, paired with obviously my favorite leggings and then some ankle boots! (Yes I put on my jacket after these shots cause they were taken in -25C!)


Sweater and Toque: Stitches; Leggings: Lululemon; Shoes: Maurices

Sweater Weather

It feels like fall in Canada has only lasted for a week, however, fall fashion definetly lasted longer. Fall is all about colors and sweaters.! Cozy knitted sweaters have slowly made their way back into fashion and into every girl’s closet. Personally, I wish I could sport one every day. The temperatures here are already negative and the cozy sweaters are highly needed!

This season is also abouut bold colors and my way of incorportting some colour into this look is by wearing a berry matte lipshade by NYX’s Lingerie collection.

So for this look I styles a large gray sweater with some leggings, moccasins and then for the cherry on top, I topped it off with a black fedora styled hat. img_6031_viewimg_6008_viewimg_6036_viewimg_6007_viewimg_6040_viewimg_6042_viewimg_6053_viewimg_6079_viewimg_6065_viewimg_6078_viewimg_6063_view