Four in One?


Hey beauties! First post ever on my blog so if I screw up please cut me some slack. Mistakes are going to made unknowingly and if I make a huge mistake please forgive me. Anyways, shall we get right into the style of the day.

Being a girl is hard. Waking up every morning, looking at your closet containing 50 tops , then closing that closet concluding that you have nothing to wear. Every girl has went through this at one point in their life and if they haven’t they are lying! I’ve gone through that myself and it feels like I go through it daily.

Clothes are more expensive day by day and it isn’t always easy to buy new clothes to keep up with the trends. But not to worry, one top can be worn many different ways looking artsy each time.

The first outfit is a simple black tank with a golden zipper through the middle from Stitches and pleated black leggings from Lululemon. Black is classic and wearing black on black can never go wrong. I paired this outfit with only one accessory and it was a purse I bought from the Alyssa line of vegan purses. It is a dark beige kind of colour and faux leather, with a chain strap.


The next outfit is artsy as well as casual. It is a perfect wear for school, daily use and what not. I am wearign the same leggings and tank, but this time I have paired it with a black and white plaid cropped shirt from Garage across the waist.


I’ve been all about black and white the last two outfits, so shall we add a dash of colour. Just a dash! This time we take away the plaid shirt and through in a pale pink fringed cardigan from Maurices. Classy! It can be worn for more formal reasons, but suits casual wear just fine.


This last outfit also consists of fringes, but we are going back to black on black on black on black! My first post seems all about darkness, but black is the most colourful colour to me. This time I’m wearing the black tank, on black leggings, on black pumps, and then topping everything off with a long black fringed cardigan from Stitches.


I hope I have inspired you to get into your closet and create more than one outfit with one top! You don’t need 100 tops if you can wear one in 100 ways and rock it.Thank you so much for going through this long post. Means so much to me! Stay tunes for my upcoming blog posts.