Sexy Princess

Heeyyyyyy everybody!

It has been a hot minute since I have posted on here and I’m trying to get back into the blogging rhythm, but it is hard because now I’ve also started youtubing! But anyhow we shall continue blogging along with YouTube and manage our time. If you wish to support my channel you can subscribe or search up Helli Patel

So this time I have brought you an outfit that I am not only in love with, but mesmerized by! My outfits nowadays, being at university everyday have turned into leggings (of course, duh Helli!) and a sweatshirt so this one is a little bit out of the my zone. However, this outfit is super classy, but sexy as well. I wore this once to my business formal dinner and received a lot of compliments on it as well! This proves that it’s not just a girly day out or party outfit, you can also use it as a business outfit and charm everybody!

This outfit is a simple white tank top that is a low cut V with lace around the top! It is quite loose and baggy so I would suggest tucking it into some trousers or a skirt or anything really to make it look super adorable. On the bottom I’ve paired up a simple, black skirt, but as I mentioned some trousers would look amazing with it as well (especially those ribbon tie trousers)! This look was crying for a purple, magenta lip to make it extra dressy and I just threw on some basic nude heels because we didn’t want the shoes to steal the attention away from the top and lip.

This is a very versatile outfit in the way that it can be worn for multiple occasions and can be paired up with different bottoms and shoes! I hope you guys loved this look because I’m stunned at how gorgeous I’m looking (its probably the photographers main)! And as always I love you guys all and I hope to be more regular on here I promise!




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