Carbon Coco Love

Hey guys and welcome back to another review post! This post has ben greatly delayed, but here we are. So a few months ago an amazing Australian company, known as Carbon Coco, sent me a package of their amazing products for me to test and review for you guys. I have fully tried all the products for quite some time so this isn’t a one day review its more like a one month review of the product which is more beneficial in my opinion.

Carbon Coco is a company based on oral health. They make products that are 100% natural to whiten and polish your teeth. Their products are based on natural charcoal and I find that really amazing! They sent me their “Ultimate Carbon Kit” to try and test out. As I mentioned I tried this product for a couple months and I absolutely enjoyed it. Not only did they make my teeth feel brighter and cleaner, but when your mouth smells minty fresh I feel that the whole day just goes so much better. I feel more confident and not afraid to smile and show off my beautiful white teeth!

The way to use this product is really simple! The “Ultimate Carbon Kit” comes with a tooth brush with bamboo bristles and trust me when I say that toothbrush is the softest one you will ever feel. This combo also comes with activated charcoal tooth polish and the first thing you do is wet the toothbrush, dip into the activate charcoal tooth polish and thoroughly brush your teeth. Then rinse you mouth and brush your teeth again using the third product in the kit, the activated charcoal tooth paste. It is extremely simple to use these products and you don’t have to worry about putting chemicals into your mouth because all these ingredients are 100% natural.

Thank you guys for reading about this amazing company and I hope you have a chance to try out their products. Please leave any questions or comments regarding Carbon Coco in the comments below and I love you all!



5 thoughts on “Carbon Coco Love

  1. Got2bGina says:

    I would like to try this product. How do we purchase or request a sample of this product? Most teeth whitening products are very harsh on your teeth because of the chemicals used…


    • Helli Patel says:

      you can purchase Carbon Coco products either on their own website or on Amazon. right now they do have a sale going on, but I’m not sure if they give out free samples of the product. I can assure you that this product will not be harsh on your teeth because there are no chemicals used. it is all natural and it delivers on its promises 🙂


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