Warby Parker X Justin Timberlake

Hey guys welcome back to another post! This post is one that is unique and different than my norm. I’m really excited to announce that Warby Parker has teamed up with Justin Timberlake and his new upcoming album, “Man of the Woods”. Warby Parker is an eyewear brand that is dedicated to provide its consumers with a vision range that is affordable and adorable!

They have collaborated with Justin Timberlake to release their new designs that captured the carefree spirit of the tune “Wave.”  The new collection includes wide fitting frames that are outlined with rose-tinted lenses and along each pair’s left temple there is a simple wave emblem. Not only that, but Warby Parker has also decided to include a speciality black case and a lens cloth which features song lyrics handwritten by Justin, the god himself!

Another amazing fact about this company is that they are super warm hearted. In honour of this collaboration they are making a donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee which is near Justin’s hometown and very dear to him. And with every pair of glasses Warby Parker always gives a pair to someone in need.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post because I absolutely loved teaming up with Warby Parker to announce this collaboration. I love what this company has to offer and I hope you guys love these pairs of sunglasses as much as me!

F_23_JT_Collab_Frames_Group_V2_COMPWP-Wave-II-165-sunglasses-Angle-A3-sRGBWP-Wave-III--101-Sunglasses-Angle-A3-sRGBWP-WAVE-I-914--Sunglasses-Angle-A3-sRGBJT-one-pager copyJT-one-pager2

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