Miss. SouthEastern Saskatchewan 2017

Hey guys!

Welcome back to my blog and I wanna thank you guys today for all the amazing comments and support you guys provide me with. It really all adds up and means a lot. So today I have a unique post for you guys and it has been so delayed, but for a good reason!

In early April I competed in a provincial pageant for my province and was granted the title of Miss. SouthEastern Saskatchewan 2017. This was my first time competing in a pageant and it means a lot to be able to get this far. I’ve learnt a lot throughout this journey and one of the main and most important thing I have picked up on is that pageants are not about only outer beauty. The judges look for your personality and what kind of person you are willing to be within society and that is how they are able to score you.

I have gotten past one checkpoint and I’m headed off to the national competition in July and I need as much support from you guys as possible. I know this is the first time I’ve really opened up and indicated the type of person I am on my blog and I hope you guys appreciate it. I’m super excited to meet the other delegates, make new friends and learn as much as possible.

Stay with me throughout this whole journey for more updates! And if possible please donate to my journey and the Children’s Wish Foundation using this link:Β https://www.gofundme.com/sponsorship-miss-world-canadaΒ 

Thank you so much for all your love!



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