Let’s Play Leather and Suede ft. Charlotte Russe

Welcome back to my blog lovelies! I have another, absolute favorite outfit of mine to showcase to you guys. As you can probably notice from the title this outfit consists all of seude and leather (of course both are faux!).

For people following my blog for a while now know that I am a total leggings over jeans type of girl, but plain black leggings were getting boring. This time I switched up this outfit with some leather leggings and it completely changed the look of this outfit and made it look 200% better.

This outfit consists of a seude beige bodysuit that has two golden zippers along the side and a criss-cross kinda thing going on in the front! As I mentioned I paired this top off with them leather leggings and to mesh everything together I topped the outfit off with some adorable/sexy leather boots. The top and leggings are from Charlottle Russe and the boots are from Forever 21! The liquid lipstick shade I am sporting is from NYX’s Lingere collection in the shade Teddy.

This outfit is an everyday wear because you can wear to school, wear it on the weekends, go on a date wearing it, and you can even attend a freakin party in this outfit because it is casual, but hints off a classy vibe as well! Let me know if you liked this look in the comments and thank you so much for tolerating the million photos in this post.


Top and Leggings: Charlotte Russe; Boots: Forever 21; Lipstick: NYX Lingere “Teddy”



26 thoughts on “Let’s Play Leather and Suede ft. Charlotte Russe

  1. michelles2017 says:

    The style is really nice and looks good on you. Thank You for sharing and thank you for following my fashion blog. I am back to posting everyday as of today. I got a little bit busy but I am back. Please let me know if you have any plus size friends that need a stylist or any men.

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