Roadside Romeo ft. Zaful

These past few months have been really busy and scheduling time to shoot has been a struggle, but this girl has pulled it off. Today’s look is going to be a super casual, everyday teen girl kinda look.

The hot trend right now is showing some shoulder! I know some people dread cold shoulder tops, but this one  guys is different. It is a cold shoulder top, but I promise you it does not look like somebody has cut two holes into your shirt. This top is a baby pink, loose cold shoulder top and it look adorable whether worn in jeans or leggings.

The combination of the baby pink and black makes my love for this top stronger. The texture of it is great as well. It will not stretch, rip or cause major creases. I got this from Zaful and they are an absolutely amazing brand for ladies from all ages. If you like this outfit please checkout the Zaful banner in the right hand bar and I assure you they will not disappoint.

For this outfit to pop I paired it up with a sling bag that matches my shoes and some rings!


Top: Zaful; Leggings:Lululemon; Handbag: Winners; Rings: Forever21

Shop at Zaful:







40 thoughts on “Roadside Romeo ft. Zaful

  1. sonomacountyvaping says:

    Beautiful shots and pictures here. I love the outfit and the accessories that go with it. I like your blog it is very interesting and if you would follow me it would be greatly appreciated. I’m a college student and have just started my blog. If I could get your support that would be great! Either way thank you for your inspirational blog. -bel

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  2. lacasabloga says:

    I am very particular about tops that are cut this way because they don’t flatter everyone. Although I must say that it looks really good on you and you pull it off very well! Although I’m sure it’s hard to find something that doesn’t suit you. I love how you paired it with the boots and black leggings as well.

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  3. AskDaralynn says:

    I liked the top because of the black trim that help it look natural, in lieu of just being a hole in your top . So cute! Your little hands were red and looked cold. However, thats what models do! You work it no matter the weather. Get it girl!

    Thanks for liking my blog post. See you soon hopefully on my next blog. I’ll be reviewing yours.

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