The Printed Aztec!


Every girl’s fear is trying something new out and experimenting! Girls wear something that is comfortable to them, known to them and something that they do not have to worry about what they look like all day in. Prints are the new trend, however, I’ve never been quite the print girl myself. I was a girl who wore plain colors due the reason that prints were very risky. But, I went out of my comfort zone to try on a new Aztec print top paired with some lacy shorts. This tank is a super cute crop top that is flared in layers. It is perfect for a time to hangout with friends or a date night! It does not involve bright colors, it just uses the basic black that everyone loves to put charm into it. Put an accessory on that tank and a casual wear is ready for you at the door!

Now the lacy shorts are super comfy as well! They look very much like a skirt and these two are flared in layers.Why wear basic denim shorts when you could be flaunting the new trend of lace shorts? They’re comfier and more stylish!

Do not be scared to try something new girls! Look for something unique paired with something you love.




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