Sexy Princess

Heeyyyyyy everybody!

It has been a hot minute since I have posted on here and I’m trying to get back into the blogging rhythm, but it is hard because now I’ve also started youtubing! But anyhow we shall continue blogging along with YouTube and manage our time. If you wish to support my channel you can subscribe or search up Helli Patel

So this time I have brought you an outfit that I am not only in love with, but mesmerized by! My outfits nowadays, being at university everyday have turned into leggings (of course, duh Helli!) and a sweatshirt so this one is a little bit out of the my zone. However, this outfit is super classy, but sexy as well. I wore this once to my business formal dinner and received a lot of compliments on it as well! This proves that it’s not just a girly day out or party outfit, you can also use it as a business outfit and charm everybody!

This outfit is a simple white tank top that is a low cut V with lace around the top! It is quite loose and baggy so I would suggest tucking it into some trousers or a skirt or anything really to make it look super adorable. On the bottom I’ve paired up a simple, black skirt, but as I mentioned some trousers would look amazing with it as well (especially those ribbon tie trousers)! This look was crying for a purple, magenta lip to make it extra dressy and I just threw on some basic nude heels because we didn’t want the shoes to steal the attention away from the top and lip.

This is a very versatile outfit in the way that it can be worn for multiple occasions and can be paired up with different bottoms and shoes! I hope you guys loved this look because I’m stunned at how gorgeous I’m looking (its probably the photographers main)! And as always I love you guys all and I hope to be more regular on here I promise!



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Carbon Coco Love

Hey guys and welcome back to another review post! This post has ben greatly delayed, but here we are. So a few months ago an amazing Australian company, known as Carbon Coco, sent me a package of their amazing products for me to test and review for you guys. I have fully tried all the products for quite some time so this isn’t a one day review its more like a one month review of the product which is more beneficial in my opinion.

Carbon Coco is a company based on oral health. They make products that are 100% natural to whiten and polish your teeth. Their products are based on natural charcoal and I find that really amazing! They sent me their “Ultimate Carbon Kit” to try and test out. As I mentioned I tried this product for a couple months and I absolutely enjoyed it. Not only did they make my teeth feel brighter and cleaner, but when your mouth smells minty fresh I feel that the whole day just goes so much better. I feel more confident and not afraid to smile and show off my beautiful white teeth!

The way to use this product is really simple! The “Ultimate Carbon Kit” comes with a tooth brush with bamboo bristles and trust me when I say that toothbrush is the softest one you will ever feel. This combo also comes with activated charcoal tooth polish and the first thing you do is wet the toothbrush, dip into the activate charcoal tooth polish and thoroughly brush your teeth. Then rinse you mouth and brush your teeth again using the third product in the kit, the activated charcoal tooth paste. It is extremely simple to use these products and you don’t have to worry about putting chemicals into your mouth because all these ingredients are 100% natural.

Thank you guys for reading about this amazing company and I hope you have a chance to try out their products. Please leave any questions or comments regarding Carbon Coco in the comments below and I love you all!



Warby Parker X Justin Timberlake

Hey guys welcome back to another post! This post is one that is unique and different than my norm. I’m really excited to announce that Warby Parker has teamed up with Justin Timberlake and his new upcoming album, “Man of the Woods”. Warby Parker is an eyewear brand that is dedicated to provide its consumers with a vision range that is affordable and adorable!

They have collaborated with Justin Timberlake to release their new designs that captured the carefree spirit of the tune “Wave.”  The new collection includes wide fitting frames that are outlined with rose-tinted lenses and along each pair’s left temple there is a simple wave emblem. Not only that, but Warby Parker has also decided to include a speciality black case and a lens cloth which features song lyrics handwritten by Justin, the god himself!

Another amazing fact about this company is that they are super warm hearted. In honour of this collaboration they are making a donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee which is near Justin’s hometown and very dear to him. And with every pair of glasses Warby Parker always gives a pair to someone in need.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post because I absolutely loved teaming up with Warby Parker to announce this collaboration. I love what this company has to offer and I hope you guys love these pairs of sunglasses as much as me!

F_23_JT_Collab_Frames_Group_V2_COMPWP-Wave-II-165-sunglasses-Angle-A3-sRGBWP-Wave-III--101-Sunglasses-Angle-A3-sRGBWP-WAVE-I-914--Sunglasses-Angle-A3-sRGBJT-one-pager copyJT-one-pager2

Dark Floral

Hey guys!

I know it has been a super long time for a post and I apologize. Things at uni have been getting really hectic and there is just too much studying for me to focus on blogging. However, I do have some cool new posts coming for you that I am really excited about so please just be patient with me.

This shoot I did a while back has to be one of my favourites. I love how the pictures turned out especially because of the background. We moved from one location to three different locations for this shoot before finding this one and this fit perfectly.

What I love about these pictures is the darkness, plus the hints of floral. It showcases the world in two perspectives and I know that really philosophical to say, but that is how I view these images.

Moving on to the main part of these pictures: the clothing! So for this outfit I kept it summery and simple. I chose an off-shoulder, floral top from Stitches matched with of course some Lululemon leggings. The colour scheme of this top is my favourite because most floral colours tend to be bright and I do not do bright colours very well. This colour scheme is more neutral with its white and faded orange colours. To finish off this look I put on a wear of West Nine beige heels, and a black purse from Zaful.

Please let me know in the comments what you love most about the images: the background or the outfit. And I love you all so so much!


Locked in a Bow Tie

Welcome back lovelies!

It has been such a crazy summer/fall this year. Between graduating, competing in a pageant and moving away for university I have been so busy. Recently, I have been piled up in homework because University is so stressful! Hence, why I have been quite distant from blogging.

I do love living with roommates and being away from home, but I miss living in a smaller town. I realized when it comes to big cities I shy away from them. For those who don’t know I have moved two provinces away from my home and I cannot wait to see my family and dog again and go on more photoshoots!

Anyways, what takes my stress away is blogging and fashion so let us proceed to my favorite outfit of this summer. For this look I am sporting an amazing outfit from Zaful’s collection. I paired a black velvet top with strings designed on both sleeves along with some bow tie pants. I have been seeing this style of trousers blow up on Instagram and when i saw them I absolutely fell in love. They are classy and preppy!

I love the way these two pieces from Zaful compliment each other, very much like yin and yang with the black top and beige pants. This outfit can provide for a casual day out, a night out or even a formal party! It is so versatile and stunning. Everytime I would wear this look out, people complimented me saying I looked gorgeous.

I hope you guys love this look as much as me! And please comment down below if this has been one of your favorite looks on me so far.


Maybelline Nudes vs e.l.f. Mad for Matte

Welcome back everybody!

It’s been so long since I have reviewed something on my blog and I forgot how fun it is! I am going to try and review more products to show a little bit of personality through what my likes and dislikes are. I think its really important to showcase your opinion of a company or a product to educate other people on why or why not you recommend this product. Everybody has different needs and what you disliked in a product, somebody else may really love.

So today I will be reviewing two different drugstore eye shadows and hosting a competition between them. These two eye shadows, I find, are the most talked about on the internet out of the drugstore and I wanted to see which one was better and why. The two eye shadows that I will be comparing today are the Maybelline Nudes and the e.l.f Mad for Matte palettes. I will have four different categories that I will judge these two products on and then make a final decision on which one is the better palette.


The first one I want to talk about is the Maybelline Nudes palette. I have seen a lot of negativity swirl around this palette on YouTube and I wanted to see for myself why people disliked this palette so much.




The formula in this palette is not that great. It feels like chalk and is not creamy at all. The shimmery shades are alright as some of them are nice and buttery, but ALL of the matte shades are so dry and it just feels like you are applying chalk to your eyelids.


Pigmentation for the matte shades is not that great. While performing the swatches of the matte shades, I had to apply at least three layers to get it to show up on my arm without any patchiness. However, some of the shimmery shades are gorgeous and have high pigmentation.

Lasting Power

I think that the lasting power of this palette is nice. If you apply an eyelid primer prior to applying the eye shadow, the look will stay for about six hours.


There is a lot of fallout from this palette! The main reason being that the shades are so chalky and powdery, it cannot resist the fallout. Not only is there fallout in the palette, but also when you are applying it to your eyelids, some of the fallout ends up on my cheeks.

Overall this product is not terrible, but I only like it because of some of the shimmer shades. The shimmer shades, I can make work, but the mattes are something I would not go for. The packaging is also very cheap, but I do admire how you can view all the colors through the transparent cover.

The next palette is the e.l.f Mad for Matte palette. This palette has received a lot of positive feedback from beauty gurus and I thought I’d try it out myself. The color scheme was awesome, and the packaging was so slick, it was inviting.




The formula of this pallette is great! When swtaching the colors and applying them to eyelid, it felt so creamy and smooth. It was not at all chalky or dry, just smooth and buttery.


The pigmentation in this palette is alright. It is much better than the Maybelline’s palette, but I feel there are some darker shades that have low pigmentation, but it is very buildable.

Lasting Power

These eye shadows last me such a long time! I can go 8-12 hours wearing this palette and not have the shades budge on my eyelid. Hats off to the lasting power of a drugstore eye shadow palette.


When I used this palette, I experienced very little fallout since the formula was really creamy.

In conclusion, it is very obvious which palette I am for and which I am not for. I absolutely adore the e.l.f Mad for Matte palette over the Maybelline Nudes palette. The e.l.f’s palette was creamy and provided good pigmentation which promotes easy application. The Maybelline’s palette is purely made out of chalk which is very hard to work with as it does not blend! If you were thinking about purchasing a drugstore eye shadow palette, I would highly recommend purchasing the e.l.f’s palette.


Style It ft. Ziggit

Hello lovelies!

It’s great to be back after so long and being so busy with packing. If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I am shifting gears to Ontario in a few days so its been like a rush hour kinda week, rush week, around my house lately. Anyhow, I’m back with something incredibly special to me. A few weeks ago I got approached for a collaboration and I thought OMG my first collab! I thought that this day would never come, but no matter how big or small my first collaboration with a company is, it will always be the most special one!

I got approached by a company named Ziggit who designs little emoji pins that are adorable! They sent me the pins I chose and wanted to see my creativity in how I style them. These pins are incredibly easy to use and do not harm any article of clothing. You just pin them on where you want them and they will stay until you want them to! They have emoji pins, alphabet pins and they also have a chance for you to make your own customized pins.

So here are some pins that I selected and the different ways I incorporated them into my outfits! Please let me know what style you adored the most and how you would style your Ziggit pins in the comments below.

I also wanted to say a huge thank you to the people who repeatedly support my blog. This first opportunity for a collaboration would not have approached me if it weren’t for your continuous support that you guys shower me with all the time, so thank you to all of you and I love you all. ❤


Heart Eye Emoji, Zombie Emoji, Whatever Face, Smirk Face, Rainbow Tongue Face, Laughing Face


Hashtag Emoji, Taco Emoji


I Heart You, Lip Emoji


Summer Lace

Hey lovelies!

I absolutely adore the summer time because that is the time to flaunt some legs! As summer approaches where I live, it gets so humid and incredibly hot. That is an indication to go out and buy some summer fashion! The most classic summer outfits are shorts or a skirt and tank top, however in the recent decade there is a new trend emerging and it is taking over the summer fashion. Yes, ladies and gentlemen it is the era of the rompers!

I personally love the rompers so much because they are super comfortable and look adorable. Most women love to flaunt some floral dresses or maxi dresses, but I, myself do not like dresses so much. Dresses have restrictions, like you have to sit a certain way and act a certain way when you wear them. However, with rompers you are not worried about your romper flying up with the gust of wind and causing you embarrassment.

So this look today is not the typical type of romper I would generally wear during the summer season, but it really looked unique and sparked my lust for it. It is a nice black and white, lacey romper with a silk tie in the middle, waist area that holds the whole look together. This outfit could make for a great party wear when you don’t feel like putting on a dress or going overally fancy. It is very rare when something casual like a romper can be styled to use in a formal atmosphere and this romper surely fulfills that.

I hope you guys loved this look and let me know your thoughts on it in the comments!


Real Techniques Review-Eyeshadow Brushes

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another Real Technique brushes review. These brushes are honestly my secret to perfect blended makeup. I did a review earlier this year, but that was for their face brushes. Today I bring to you guys another review only for two of their most used and most famous eyeshadow brushes.

I had been waiting os long to get my hands on some eyeshadow brushes since I had none. I was not an eyeshadow type of person, but I decided to finally try it out so I waited adn waited to pick up these Real Techniques brushes. I knew that I wanted no other brand except for this one. I bought both of these brushes in a set, which can easily be found online or at any drugstore.

Their brushes are execptionally soft and get the job, they are made for, done. These two brushes are so easy to blend with and the blend any eyeshadow, drugstore or high end, to perfection. They are incredibly soft on the eyelids and make any eyelook look stunning!


1.The first brush is the Deluxe Crease Brush . This brush is for the transition shade in the crease. It is a thick brush for the crease to blend in the transition shade before applying darker shades to the eye.


2.The second brush is the Base Shadow Brush. This brush is for the next shade darker than the transition color. This brush is used to build up the eye shadow right inside the crease. The shape of it is perfect for inside the crease and to build up the corners of the eyelids!


I hope you guys enjoyed another brush review! In conclusion I just want to say that I am honestly a big fan of this brand and they are really affordable. It is really worth trying them if you guys haven’t! Let me know in the comments below what you guys think of this brand and please recommend other brands to me as well.

The Graduate Gown

Hello lovelies!

Welcome back to another post! This post is really special to me and it is quite different from my normal posts. For most of you who do not know, I am graduating very soon and proceeding to university this September. It is a huge transition in my life, but it is also very exciting! I am so enthusiastic for all the surprises life gives to me and I’m really excited to make new friends!

To celebrate this new transition of life, we had a celebration for our class of 2017. It was amazing to see all the lovely ladies dressed up in their gowns looking like princesses and all the boys dresses classy (for once!). I remember spending hours on my laptop trying to find myself a grad gown, but I never seemed to find one that was unique.

One day my mom suggested that I portray a little bit of my Indian culture by wearing a Indian choli at my graduation celebration. I thought that it would be pretty amazing to look different, so I picked out an Indian outfit and wore it on my big day. Everybody kept looking at me in the hall and that me a little shy and uncomfortable. However, so many people. people that I knew and also people that I didn’t know, approached me to tell me how beautiful and gorgeous I looked in my dress. That made me smile and cheer up!

I am very shy to flaunt my Indian tradition sometimes, but I’m really glad I did this time. I received so many compliments and my dress indeed was very unique and different from what everybody else was wearing. I hope you guys enjoy these pictures of me in my traditional dress and I’d love to know what you think about it!