Green Island

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another outfit inspo today. The weather has finally shown a change in behavior and decided to bring the sun out! So to compliment the weather I decided to pair a green bodysuit, with some shorts and heels. This bodysuit has been an on and off trend for the last couple years. Some people love it, some people hate it, and some people just think that it is getting very old! Yes I am talking about that bodysuit with strings in the middle that you can find in every girl’s closet. However, I, myself, have never worn bodysuits like this before and I was excited to try it!

I find that this bodysuit is perfect for summer. It is flirty and fun, but doesn’t show off tooooo much. To pair with this bodysuit, I picked out some aztec printed shorts in the color scheme of black and white (obviously)! They are loose, they are comfy, and they are the perfect shorts to go out on little evening walks. However, the heels that I’m sporting in this look are not made for evening walks unless you really wanna punish your feet! These are my all time, go to heels because they pair up so nicely with any outfit and they throw some glamour into the look.

Last, but not least to top off this outfit with accessories, I have chosen two of them! One of the accessories are the beautiful, large hoop earrings that I absolutely adore. They really supported the heels in throwing glam into this look and then the handbag brought it all in together. The handbag charmed up the entire look turning it into a smoky night out look from a day out casual look!

I hope you guys liked this look as much as I did and thank you as always for being my support system!


Zebra Vibes ft. Ardennes

Hey loves!

Welcome back to another post. This post is a little different from the last few because it was shot in summer weather! For the first time on my blog I have shot in weather I can handle. Apart from that nothing else has changed. I am still in my traditional black and white outfit!

So a few days ago a new Ardennes opened up where I live so obviously I went there to hunt down some clothes and when I looked at this one pair of shorts I absolutely fell in love. I grabbed them the very first moment I laid my eyes on them and then walking around I saw this striped t-shirt and I was in awe. I realized that these two were meant for each other and the pair looked impeccable when I tried it on.

The very next day we shot this look because it was irresistible! This is a gorgeous white and black striped crop top with a tie in front and I paired it up with same basic, black high waisted shorts and some sandals from Ardennes as well. To make this look pop I added the touch of the fedora and it really changed the entire look to look stunning!

This look is definietly more on the summer side and definietly one that I would sport to school or when I’m with friends. It is completley in my comfort zone and I love it so so much. Comment down below if you guys love this look as much as me and I’ll see you guys in my next post!



Wrap Me Up

Hey lovelies!

I apologize for being so absent with my blog, but there is just a lot going on! One of the most major things going on right now is the weather. It is gracefulyl gorgeous outside everyday now. However, some days are more chillier than others, but for us living in Canada it feels like absolute summer glory!

Today I have put together a spring kind of outfit. It is an outfit that you can sport during the season of spring because blocks all the coldness that might still be floating around, but it also gives you that freedom of not having to wear a sweater or a jacket everywhere you go.

This look also sports an amazing trend that I reticently just got on board with and that is the trend of blanket scarves. I wonder to myself why I was not into them the instant that I was introduced to them, but here we are a few years later loving the same scarf. I purchased mine from Zaful and it is incredibly soft so throw on a old t-shirt and tuck that scarf on and trust me nobody will notice your t-shirt. The scarf will be the attention-seeker!

I hope you guys like this new look, because it certainly was the first time I had sported anything like it!


Zipped Gold Chain

I was going through my pictures and I wondered why have I not done this post yet? The reality is I just forget, but here it is now. This outfit was shot in the middle of November and here we are now publishing it.

For this outfit I wore a cute black tank top with a zipper going down the middle of it and paired it with some distressed jean shorts. To top off this look I added some basic black heels and a Chanel inspired handbag. the top was black and gold and so was the handbag so everything blended out seemlesly.

When I look at this outfit I immediately associate it with shopping. I would totally consider wearing this while taking a stroll at the mall and shopping. It is an everyday look, well maybe not everyday, but it is a summer-everyday look and super comfortable. This outfit is effortless, yet it gives off a nice fashionista vibe!



Hello lovelies! Welcome back to my blog. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and things have just been hectic around in my life. Anyways, let’s move on to the topic of this post! Today I bring to you an amazing brand and I just wanted to give it a shout out because it is truly amazing and absolutely affordable.

The brand is known as Romwe and it is one of the fastest fashion growing brands on the market. They have sales running all the time making their affordable styles even more affordable. Just because the brand sells at amazing prices, they do not compromise on fashion. They have new styles popping up on their websites all the time and I love spending my leisure time surfing through their site to see what is new.

Some of their blouses, dresses and rompers will take your breath away! Today I wanted to mention this brand because it gets hidden behind other big brands and I think it deserves an equal chance to grow because it has potential. I have made up a collection of items from their website of things that I absolutely loved the moment I saw them.

I have selected items from different categories of clothing and posted their previews below as my wish list. Underneath all of these items I will leave a direct link to the product, and at the very bottom of the post I will leave a link directly to Romwe’s homepage! Please check this brand out because I’m sure you will love them as much as me 🙂













Romwe Link:

Let’s Play Leather and Suede ft. Charlotte Russe

Welcome back to my blog lovelies! I have another, absolute favorite outfit of mine to showcase to you guys. As you can probably notice from the title this outfit consists all of seude and leather (of course both are faux!).

For people following my blog for a while now know that I am a total leggings over jeans type of girl, but plain black leggings were getting boring. This time I switched up this outfit with some leather leggings and it completely changed the look of this outfit and made it look 200% better.

This outfit consists of a seude beige bodysuit that has two golden zippers along the side and a criss-cross kinda thing going on in the front! As I mentioned I paired this top off with them leather leggings and to mesh everything together I topped the outfit off with some adorable/sexy leather boots. The top and leggings are from Charlottle Russe and the boots are from Forever 21! The liquid lipstick shade I am sporting is from NYX’s Lingere collection in the shade Teddy.

This outfit is an everyday wear because you can wear to school, wear it on the weekends, go on a date wearing it, and you can even attend a freakin party in this outfit because it is casual, but hints off a classy vibe as well! Let me know if you liked this look in the comments and thank you so much for tolerating the million photos in this post.


Top and Leggings: Charlotte Russe; Boots: Forever 21; Lipstick: NYX Lingere “Teddy”


Roadside Romeo ft. Zaful

These past few months have been really busy and scheduling time to shoot has been a struggle, but this girl has pulled it off. Today’s look is going to be a super casual, everyday teen girl kinda look.

The hot trend right now is showing some shoulder! I know some people dread cold shoulder tops, but this one  guys is different. It is a cold shoulder top, but I promise you it does not look like somebody has cut two holes into your shirt. This top is a baby pink, loose cold shoulder top and it look adorable whether worn in jeans or leggings.

The combination of the baby pink and black makes my love for this top stronger. The texture of it is great as well. It will not stretch, rip or cause major creases. I got this from Zaful and they are an absolutely amazing brand for ladies from all ages. If you like this outfit please checkout the Zaful banner in the right hand bar and I assure you they will not disappoint.

For this outfit to pop I paired it up with a sling bag that matches my shoes and some rings!


Top: Zaful; Leggings:Lululemon; Handbag: Winners; Rings: Forever21

Shop at Zaful: